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Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys / Las Vegas Rollover Accident Lawyers

Las Vegas Rollover Accident Lawyers

A rollover accident is any crash where the impacted vehicle tips over on its side or roof during the event; it’s not necessary for the vehicle to actually roll over multiple times to be classified as a rollover. Rollover crashes are uncommon, which is something to be thankful for, because they are some of the deadliest and most dangerous types of car accidents. Crash statistics show that rollovers occur in about three percent of all accidents but in 30% of all fatal crashes. Nationwide, over 6,000 people lose their lives in rollover accidents each year. The Nevada Department of Public Safety’s own statistics show rollovers to be the second leading cause of death in motorcycle crashes. In a recent five-year period, ten people died in Nevada when their bikes overturned or rolled over, amounting to 24% of fatal crashes in that timeframe.

Our attorneys at Mainor Ellis Injury Lawyers understand the complex mechanics of a rollover accident and the catastrophic injuries that can occur. With expertise in Nevada personal injury law and intimate knowledge of the Las Vegas legal system, our team is ready to take on negligent drivers and their insurance companies and hold them fully accountable for the harm they’ve caused. If you or a family member has been hurt in a rollover accident in Las Vegas caused by a negligent driver or defective road condition, contact Mainor Ellis Injury Lawyers for immediate assistance from our team of knowledgeable and dedicated Las Vegas rollover accident lawyers.

How Rollover Accidents Happen

As noted, rollover accidents are thankfully rare occurrences. Usually, several factors have to come together to make a vehicle rollover upon impact. The leading factors that contribute to rollover crashes include:

  • Speeding – High speed shows up as a factor in the majority of rollover accidents.
  • Front-end Impacts – Rollover accidents result from head-on collisions twice as often as they do in angle accidents, and only rarely will a rear-end crash lead to a rollover.
  • Road Conditions – About one-quarter of the time, a rollover accident is a single-vehicle incident that does not occur from a collision with another car or truck. Instead, the vehicle encounters a trip in the road such as a soft shoulder or pothole that causes the car to lose grip with the road. A sharp turn or steep curve (taken at high speed) can also initiate a rollover. If a road is defectively designed or negligently maintained, it might be possible to hold the appropriate government agency responsible, especially if they were on notice of the danger yet failed to correct it or post adequate signage. Similarly, if the rollover was caused by debris in the road such as merchandise that fell off of a trailer, the trucking company might be liable for a negligently secured load.
  • Vehicle Manufacture – Some cars are more likely to roll over than others, even though any vehicle can roll over if the conditions for a rollover are present. Cars that are built with a high center of gravity and a narrow wheelbase are particularly susceptible to rolling over. This commonly includes certain models of SUVs, vans and pickup trucks. In some cases, rollovers happen more often than they should due to defective design. In other situations, injuries are much worse than they had to be because automakers neglected to reinforce the roof as they should have for safety and crashworthiness. Our comprehensive injury practice at Mainor Ellis includes experience in product defect cases as well as motor vehicle crashes, so we are prepared to take on the biggest car manufacturers when their negligence played a pivotal role in causing the rollover to occur.

How Mainor Ellis Can Help

An aggressive approach from dedicated injury lawyers is often necessary to identify the cause of the rollover crash and hold the responsible party or parties liable for their role in causing the accident. You’ll want a law firm with the resources and determination to go the distance to obtain a successful result, even if the parties on the other side are fighting back hard. Additionally, if the victim’s speed was a contributing factor, it is especially important to have solid legal representation to ensure that defensive claims of comparative negligence don’t defeat your claim or reduce your compensation more than is fair.

At Mainor Ellis Injury Lawyers, we believe in doing all we can to get the best outcome for our clients who have been severely hurt and will need a high level of compensation to support them now and into the future. If you have been injured in a devastating rollover accident in Las Vegas, or if you lost a family member in a tragic fatal rollover, call us at 702-450-5000 for a no-cost consultation to see how we can help.